Will Maruti’s new CNG substitute offer the same efficiency?

At the Bharat Mobility Expo, Maruti recently unveiled the latest prototype of its Brezza CBG (compressed biomethane gas)-powered vehicle. As a substitute for CNG in the biofuel market, the Brezza CBG is anticipated to launch shortly.

New Brezza CNG: What’s New?

The new Brezza CBG is exactly the same as the existing model in terms of design and appearance. The next Brezza CBG is not anticipated to feature any designer modifications. Major mechanical changes will be primarily implemented for this new CNG alternative.

Maruti developed CBG, or compressed biomethane gas, as a substitute biofuel for CNG in an effort to lessen reliance on it. The CBG is entirely composed of biogas and other organic materials, and it contains 90% ethanol. This provides comparative efficiency and performance to CNG, and it is anticipated that the cost of fuel will be lower than that of CNG.

The Brezza’s engine is probably going to be the same K series VVT Petrol engine, and the BCG version will come with all the latest safety measures including rapid CNG refuelling and stainless-steel pipe like the S-CNG variants. Therefore, this will be a great choice for SUV owners who are interested in switching to biofuels without compromising  performance or economical operation.

It is anticipated that the new Brezza CBG will launch later this year.

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