Here's what you should know about the Toyota Fortuner!

The Fortuner is one of the best-selling Full-Size SUV and the most popular SUVs in the Indian Market.

IIt's sold in four trims - 4x2, 4x4, GR Sport, and Legender.

The Fortuner starts from Rs. 33.43 Lakh and goes all the way up to Rs. 51.44 Lakh. The Legender is however priced from Rs. 43.66 to Rs. 47.64 Lakh.

The Fortuner is available two engine options - 2.8 L Diesel and 2.7 L Petrol Engine with Manual and Automatic Transmission Choice. The Diesel only gets 4x4 Drive Type choice.

IIt has features like ventilated seats, 8-inch infotainment system, electronic differential lock, 2-zone climate control, 7 Airbags, 3 Driving Modes, Powered Front Seats, and so much more.

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