India's fastest electric race bike, Ultraviolette F99 makes its debut at the EICMA!

Ultraviolette Automotive, Bengaluru-based company, unveiled the production-spec F99 at EICMA, which is fastest electric race bike from India.

This F99 Racing Platform has evolved over the version seen at the Auto Expo 2023,

This new F99 packs a more advanced battery technology, powertrains innovations, and more.

The race bike borrows several principles from fighter jet like active aerodynamics with carbon-fibre made panels and winglets.

The F99 gets an air shield acting as air windshield and two cowls ducts at front channelling air to the motor.

The F99 gets air-blade integrated to the side fairing that opens to increase the downforce.

Moreover, it has powerful liquid-cooled motor which helps the F99 generate 118 BHP with 178 KG kerb weight.

Ultraviolette says F99 will've global commercial launch by 2025 that enables advanced electric racing program.

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