Tata's first-ever Premium EV to be built on new Jaguar-Land Rover Platform.

Tata is working on bringing many EVs and the most awaited Avinya EV on the new Jaguar-Land Rover Platform.

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility signed an MoU with the Jaguar-Land Rover to borrow it's electric platform to underpin the Avinya EV.

This new platform will also underpin future Range Rover's Evoque, and Disovery Sport.

Tata will license the EMA platform for royalty fee including electrical architecture, electric drive unit, battery pack, and manufacturing.

This collaboration will help Tata reduce development time and costs, while also helping adapt to future techs faster.

Tata had revealed the concept in 2022 with promises of next-gen connectivity, ADAS, performance, refinement, and safety.

Tata and Jaguar-Land Rover Partnership on the EMA Platform would make the Avinya competitive globally.

Tata Avinya EV as a premium product will be sitting on top of the brand's offering.

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