10 Biggest Mistakes that you make while buying a new car

People when buy a new car commit a lot of mistakes which cost them some higher bucks.So these are some of the biggest mistakes which you make while buying a new car.

biggest mistakes car buyers makes while buying a new car

1. Not doing Research

Today there is a flood of cars on offer.All these cars have their unique features and specifications.While buying a car,it is really necessary to do a complete research of the same.What we need is the homework of it’s price,features,dimensions,how does it compete with it’s rivals and many such things.The car may not be infected with any issue must also be kept in mind.

2. Skipping test Drive

Most often people who buy new car skip test drive.No thats not good at all.Without the road test of the car,you cannot come to know about it’s real life performance,comfort of the seats,etc.Even you cannot guide yourself to functioning of endless modern features in your car.So it must be marked as one of the most important thing while purchasing a new vehicle.   

3. Not negotiating for price or asking for discounts

Some people buy car at the asked amount.Majority of the customers don’t ask for a dip in price of the car.Its a really big mistake.If you ask the official or dealer for discount 2-3 times,he will surely help you to buy at a lower price than the asked one.Also Read:Toyota Rush 2018 All Details Inside

4. Going for the least popular car

There are many cars that have seen drastic reduction in terms of sales.There may be some reason for the decline of the sales mark.Again it is very necessary to do a complete homework while buying the car.There may some reason why a particular car sells so much.

5. Gathering information of car only at one dealership

Gathering information of car at multiple car showrooms is necessary.All the cars are not displayed at one dealership.So going to different dealerships helps us to gain knowledge about it’s different models,slightly high or low price at that particular showroom,which probably clears our doubts. 

6. Not gaining knowledge about its Resale value and maintenance cost

While buying a car,we need to keep in mind the mantainence cost and resale value of the car.These things must be kept in mind in order to ensure that the car doesn’t become a burden on our pocket.Also Read:Top 10 things about new ertiga 2018

7. Mistake in choosing engines or size of the car

First of all,calculate your daily running.If it’s really higher than opt for a diesel unit while if it id diffused to only 10-20km/day then petrol is the most obvious one.Also take in notice the size of your family which will further determine whether you want to go for a 5-seater or a 7-seater one.

biggest mistakes car buyers makes while buying a new car

8. Buying car at peak time 

Always consider buying car in and around festive season when huge set of discounts are offered on the car.Only if are in a hurry,then you buy at the desired time otherwise it is always a good choice to purchase car on offer.Also Read:Amaze vs i20 Full Comparison 

9. Buying unnecessary extras

The 9th biggest mistake while buying a new car is going unknowingly for unnecessary extras.At the time of buying a car,you need to have a watch at the accessories provided along with car.Some of them are useless which are not required by the customer like 3rd and 4th year warranty.So these unnecessary accessories must be removed.Also you should buy only oringial accessories from dealership which are ultra premium and of superb quality otherwise you must opt for cheaper aftermarket extras.

10. Not taking care of its Service and availablity of parts

Service and availability of car parts should be easy.There must be high localisation of essential parts of the car alongwith good number of service centres.Also Read:8 Most Effective ways to prevent car theft   

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