Aspire Facelift 2018 vs New Amaze vs Dzire vs Xcent – Price Comparison

Ford Aspire Facelift 2018 has been launched in India with price ranging between Rs. 5.55 Lakhs and Rs. 8.15 Lakhs.Here we bring price comparison of New Ford aspire with Pre-facelift Aspire and with its closest rivals including Honda Amaze, Maruti Dzire and Hyundai XCent.

Comparison of Price

Pre-Facelift Aspire vs Aspire Facelift 2018

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Aspire Facelift is much cheaper than it’s pre-facelift model.Petrol Ambiente of Aspire Facelift undercuts the base petrol variant of present Aspire by around Rs. 26,000 while the new diesel Ambiente is cheaper by Rs. 20,600.The top trims of Aspire facelift for petrol and diesel are cheaper than pre-facelift Aspire by Rs. 20,700 and Rs. 41,000 respectively.

ford aspire facelift 2018

Maruti Dzire vs Aspire Facelift 2018

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Aspire Facelift Ambiente petrol is Rs. 1,000 cheaper than Dzire LXI model while the difference between Ambiente diesel and LDI is Rs. 11,000 where Aspire is cheaper than Dzire.There is a difference of Rs. 81,000 between Aspire Facelift Titanium+ Petrol and Dzire’s petrol top-spec trim.The top end diesel variant of Aspire Facelift is cheaper than Dzire ZDI+ by Rs. 71,800.

maruti dzire 2018

Hyundai XCent vs Aspire Facelift 2018

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While the petrol and diesel base trims of Xcent are cheaper than Aspire Facelift by Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 7,000 respectively but when it comes to the price of the top spec petrol and diesel trims of both these sedans, Aspire Facelift undercuts Xcent petrol and diesel top trims by Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 43,800.

hyundai xcent

Honda Amaze 2018 vs Aspire Facelift 2018

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Amaze base petrol variant undercuts Aspire Facelift Ambiente petrol by Rs. 4,000 while it is the diesel base variant of Aspire Facelift which is whoopingly cheaper than Amaze diesel by a margin of Rs. 1,90,000.Same is the case with top variants of both these sedans.Again,Amaze top petrol trim is cheaper than Titanium+ petrol by Rs. 59,000 whereas Aspire Facelift top-spec diesel undercuts Amaze VX diesel by Rs. 26,200.

honda amar 2018

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