Indian Car Sales Figures in August 2018 : Shifting Trends?

The trend of car sales shows a mixed pattern where the major car makers have seen slightly decline in overall sales.Here is a complete list of car sales in India in the month of August 2018.

car sales in august 2018

Maruti Suzuki

The total Maruti cars sold in India has declined from 1.52 lakh cars in July 2018 to 1.45 lakh cars in August 2018.The top selling Maruti cars were Dzire and Alto each accounting for around 22,000 sales.While Maruti sold 17,000 units of Baleno and 19,000 Swift.The total sales of Maruti Suzuki in India has declined around 4% from July to August 2018 and from August 2017 to August 2018.


Hyundai received 5% increment in sales in the month of August from July.Hyundai sales figures were around 45,000 in the month of August.Highest selling models were once again Grand i10,Elite i20 and Hyundai Creta which accounted for 80% of sales for Hyundai India.


Tata car sales in August was 18,420 which means an increase of 8% sales from July 2018.The highest selling Tata car in this month was Tiago(9,000 units) while Nexon was sold around 4,500 units.With this,Tata jumped to no. 3 spot.

tata tiago


Mahindra and Mahindra comes at no. 4 with 17,368 units being sold in August 2018.The top selling Mahindra vehicle was Bolero followed by Scorpio,XUV500 and TUV300.The sales of Mahindra cars have remained static from July 2018 to August 2018.

mahindra bolero


Honda car sales have declined from around 15% in August month.The total Honda cars were 17,020 which means Honda fell just slightly short of Mahindra.2018 Amaze with more than 9,000 units was the highest seller.

honda amaze


The no. 6 spot is taken by Toyota.The total Toyota car sales in India in August 2018 was 14,136 which means an increment of 3% in sales from July to August 2018.Toyota Innova Crysta was the best seller with Toyota selling more than 6,500 units of the MPV. 

toyota innova crysta


Ford’s best seller,Ecosport,accounted for than 50% of sales of Ford India.Ford sales has increased around 3% in August where total units sold were 8,042 while Ecosport alone had in pocket sales of 4,435 units.

ford ecosport


Renault car sales in August 2018 was 6,557 units which means a growth of 5% from July 2018 sales.Highest selling Renault car was Kwid which grabbed 90% of sales of Renault.The total Kwid sold in the month of August were 5,541.

renault kwid


Volkswagen car sales in the month of August was 3,334 units which has surprisingly increased by 35% from July 2018.Polo with 1,899 units sold in August 2018 has Volkswagen’s best seller.

volkwagen polo


Immediately after Volkswagen,comes Nissan.Nissan falls behind Volkswagen while selling 3,108 units in August.There is an increase of 11% in Nissan car sales in August 2018 where RediGo accounted more than half of the sale.


With Compass accounting for 1,303 units,Fiat sold 1,400 units in the month of August 2018.Fiat sales have been increased by upto 14% in August thanks to Jeep’s Compass.


Skoda sales has increased 6% to 1,330 units in August 2018.Rapid was the most sold Skoda car in August with 817 units of the sedan being sold.Skoda falls short of Fiat by mere 70 units.

skoda rapid

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