July 2023 – Kia India All Cars On-Road Prices!

Kia India has a total of 4 models on sale in India with the latest one being the Kia EV6 that had only 100 units available for sales. The Current-Gen Seltos, Sonet, and Carens are pretty well in sales for Kia as these models are going to get facelift updates with Seltos getting facelift update tomorrow, and Kia also quietly discontinued the Carnival, but will re-launch it in 2024. But hey, before you make any decision, here are the pricing of all the Kia Models that it sells in India to give you an idea of what that particular model price is and plan accordingly.

1. Kia EV6

Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is an electric performance SUV with a range of 708 km and is powered by the 77.4 kWh battery pack with 320.55 bhp and 605 Nm of torque. It has features such as Augmented Reality Heads-up Display, 360-degree camera, ventilated seats, eight airbags, 14-speakers Meridian sound system, and many more. It has 2 variants on offer, and here is the pricing of those two variants –

VariantsEx-showroom Price (Delhi)On-road Price (Delhi)
GT LineRs. 60.95 lakhRs. 63.99 lakh
GT Line AWDRs. 65.95 lakhRs. 69.22 lakh

2. Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos is a mid-size SUV that rivals the Hyundai Creta, and offers some good features than the Creta like the 360-degree camera which is not present in the Creta. The Kia Seltos will be getting a facelift update on July 10th with some big updates. Currently, the Kia Seltos is available in 13 variants out of which 8 variants are diesel and 5 variants are petrol, and here is the pricing to those 18 variants –

VariantsEx-Showroom Price (Delhi)On-road Price (Delhi)
HTE (Petrol)Rs. 10.89 lakhRs. 12.62 lakh
HTK (Petrol)Rs. 12 lakhRs. 13.89 lakh
HTK Plus (Petrol)Rs. 13.10 lakhRs. 15.14 lakh
HTX (Petrol)Rs. 14.90 lakhRs. 17.19 lakh
HTX IVT (Petrol)Rs. 15.90 lakhRs. 18.33 lakh
HTE iMT (Diesel)Rs. 12.39 lakhRs. 14.64 lakh
HTK iMT (Diesel)Rs. 13.69 lakhRs. 16.16 lakh
HTK Plus iMT (Diesel)Rs. 15.29 lakhRs. 18.02 lakh
HTX iMT (Diesel)Rs. 16.59 lakhRs. 19.53 lakh
HTX AT (Diesel)Rs. 17.59 lakhRs. 20.70 lakh
HTX Plus iMT(Diesel)Rs. 17.59 lakhRs. 20.70 lakh
GTX Plus AT (Diesel)Rs. 19.35 lakhRs. 22.75 lakh
X-Line AT (Diesel)Rs. 19.65 lakhRs. 23.10 lakh

3. Kia Carens

Kia Carens

Kia Carens is a 6 or 7-seater MPV that rivals the Maruti Ertiga, and XL6, and offers really good features than it’s rivals. The Kia Carens is also set to receive a major update before the end of this year or in early 2024. The Kia Carens has 19 variants on sales with 11 variants of Petrol and 8 variants of Diesel, and here is the pricing of those 19 variants –

VariantsEx-Showroom Price (Delhi)On-road Price (Delhi)
Premium (Petrol)Rs. 10.45 lakhRs. 12.10 lakh
Prestige (Petrol)Rs. 11.65 lakhRs. 13.46 lakh
Premium iMT (Petrol)Rs. 12 lakhRs. 13.86 lakh
Prestige iMT (Petrol)Rs. 13.25 lakhRs. 15.29 lakh
Prestige Plus iMT (Petrol)Rs. 14.75 lakhRs. 16.99 lakh
Prestige Plus DCT (Petrol)Rs. 15.75 lakhRs. 18.13 lakh
Luxury iMT (Petrol)Rs. 16.20 lakhRs. 18.64 lakh
Luxury Plus iMT 6-str (Petrol)Rs. 17.50 lakhRs. 20.12 lakh
Luxury Plus iMT (Petrol)Rs. 17.55 lakhRs. 20.62 lakh
Luxury Plus DCT 6-str (Petrol)Rs. 18.40 lakhRs. 21.15 lakh
Luxury Plus DCT (Petrol)Rs. 18.45 lakhRs. 21.21 lakh
Premium iMT (Diesel)Rs. 12.65 lakhRs. 14.92 lakh
Prestige iMT (Diesel)Rs. 13.85 lakhRs. 16.32 lakh
Prestige Plus iMT (Diesel)Rs. 15.35 lakhRs. 18.06 lakh
Luxury iMT (Diesel)Rs. 16.80 lakhRs. 19.75 lakh
Luxury Plus iMT (Diesel)Rs. 18 lakhRs. 21.14 lakh
Luxury Plus iMT 6-str (Diesel)Rs. 18 lakhRs. 21.14 lakh
Luxury Plus AT 6-str (Diesel)Rs. 18.90 lakhRs. 22.19 lakh
Luxury Plus ATRs. 18.95 lakhRs. 22.25 lakh

4. Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet, a Compact SUV, that is giving some tough competition to it’s rivals like the Tata Nexon, Maruti Brezza, etc. Kia Sonet is also going to get a facelift later this year with major changes to the exterior and little changes in the interior, and it will get some new features like the 360-degree camera, 8-speaker Bose Premium sound system, etc. The Current Kia Sonet has 23 variants on offer out of which 12 variants are Petrol and 11 variants are Diesel, and here are the pricing of those 23 variants –

VariantsEx-Showroom Price (Delhi)On-road Price (Delhi)
1.2 HTE (Petrol)Rs. 7.80 lakhRs. 8.76 lakh
1.2 HTK (Petrol)Rs. 8.70 lakhRs. 9.76 lakh
1.2 HTK Plus (Petrol)Rs. 9.64 lakhRs. 10.79 lakh
HTK Plus Turbo iMT (Petrol)Rs. 10.49 lakhRs. 12.08 lakh
HTX Turbo iMT (Petrol)Rs. 11.45 lakhRs. 13.17 lakh
HTX Anniversary Edition iMT (Petrol)Rs. 11.85 lakhRs. 13.65 lakh
HTX DCT (Petrol)Rs. 11.99 lakhRs. 13.79 lakh
HTX Anniversary Edition DCT (Petrol)Rs. 12.39 lakhRs. 14.27 lakh
HTX Plus Turbo iMT (Petrol)Rs. 12.75 lakhRs. 14.66 lakh
GTX Plus Turbo iMT (Petrol)Rs. 13.09 lakhRs. 15.04 lakh
GTX Plus Turbo DCT (Petrol)Rs. 13.69 lakhRs. 15.72 lakh
X-Line Turbo DCT (Petrol)Rs. 13.89 lakhRs. 15.95 lakh
1.5 HTE (Diesel)Rs. 9.95 lakhRs. 11.31 lakh
1.5 HTK (Diesel)Rs. 10.69 lakhRs. 12.64 lakh
1.5 HTK Plus (Diesel)Rs. 11.39 lakhRs. 13.45 lakh
1.5 HTX (Diesel)Rs. 12.25 lakhRs. 14.46 lakh
1.5 HTX Anniversary Edition iMT (Diesel)Rs. 12.65 lakhRs. 15.01 lakh
1.5 HTX AT (Diesel)Rs. 13.05 lakhRs. 15.39 lakh
1.5 HTX Anniversary Edition AT (Diesel)Rs. 13.45 lakhRs. 15.96 lakh
1.5 HTX Plus (Diesel)Rs. 13.55 lakhRs. 15.97 lakh
1.5 GTX Plus (Diesel)Rs. 13.89 lakhRs. 16.36 lakh
1.5 GTX Plus AT (Diesel)Rs. 14.69 lakhRs. 17.29 lakh
X-Line Diesel ATRs. 14.89 lakhRs. 17.53 lakh

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