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These were the Top 10 Selling SUVs in June 2023

Hyundai Creta 2023

Hyundai continues to extend it’s reign over other SUVs with Creta while Nexon is at 2nd position, and Brezza dips to 5th position!

The month of June 2023 was a good month for the SUV sales with many carmakers reporting positive numbers for the SUVs over the last year. But out of the top 10 SUVs in June 2023, Hyundai Creta continues to dominate the SUV segment with big numbers.

Top 10 SUV Sales June 2023

Hyundai Motors India mid-size SUV, Creta, once again dominates the SUV segment by being the most sold SUV in India and showcasing improved sales growth everytime. Being at No.1 position, it reports sales of 14,447 units in June 2023 which is up by 4.76% year-on-year over the 13,790 units in June 2022. with volume growth by 657 units. Hyundai Creta continues to be preferred in the mid-size SUV segment even though there are other SUV’s with better features than Creta like the Maruti Grand Vitara, but people love the Creta given how spacious and luxurious it feels.

At 2nd position is the Tata Nexon with sales of 13,827 units in June 2023 which is down by 3.27% year-on-year from the 14,295 units in June 2022 with volume decreased by 468 units. Tata Nexon is expected to be getting the facelift update in August 2023 with rumor that production of the SUV beginning from July 2023. At third position is the Hyundai Venue that got facelift update last year perform well in sales in June 2023 with 11,606 units which is 12.45% year-on-year growth over the 10,321 units in June 2022 with volume growth by 1,285 units.

ModelsJune 2023Against June 2022Difference in UnitsDifference in %
Hyundai Creta14,44713,790657+4.76%
Tata Nexon13,82714,295-468-3.27%
Hyundai Venue11,60610,3211,285+12.45%
Tata Punch10,99010,414576+5.53%
Maruti Brezza10,5784,4046,174+140.19%
Maruti Grand Vitara10,48610,486
Mahindra Scorpio8,6484,1314,517+109.34%
Maruti Fronx7,9917,991
Kia Sonet7,7227,455267+3.58%
Mahindra XUV7005,3916,022-631-10.48%

Tata Punch, an alternate to Nexon did sales of 10,990 units in June 2023 which is up by 5.53% year-on-year over the 10,414 units in June 2022 with volume growth by 576 units. Tata was expected to launch the Punch iCNG this month but since no announcement has come so far, we can expect it’s launch in September 2023. At 5th position is the Maruti Brezza that reports 10,578 unit sales in June 2023 which is an big increase over the last year by 140.19% from the 4,404 units with volume increase by 6,174 units.

At 6th position is another Maruti SUV, the Grand Vitara with 10,486 unit sales in June 2023 and there is no data of the SUV from last year because the Grand Vitara hadn’t launched in June 2022 as it was launched in September 2022. Up next is the Mahindra Scorpio which is a combine sales figures of Scorpio-N and Scorpio Classic, reports sales of 8,648 units with a year-on-year growth by 109.34% over the 4,131 unit in June 2022 with volume growth by 4,517 units.

At 8th position is another Maruti SUV, the Baleno-crossover SUV, Fronx, with 7,991 unit sales in June 2023 and it wasn’t available last yeat as it was launched two months ago in April 2023. The Kia Sonet reports 7,722 units which is up by 3.58% from the 7,455 units in June 2022 and volume growth is by 267 units. Kia Sonet will be getting facelift that is expected to launch later this year. Last but not the least, is the Mahindra XUV700 with 5,391 unit sales over 6,022 unit sales in June 2022 which is down by 10.48% with dip in volumes by 631 units.

On 4th July, Kia launched the new Seltos facelift for the Indian Market which comes pack with ADAS that will surely attract customers and contribute to sales for Kia. Hyundai Motors India will be launching an affordable micro SUV Exter on July 10th that will directly rival the Tata Punch.

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