New Maruti Brezza Modified with Hyundai-Kia 17-inch Alloy Wheels!

Maruti Brezza modified with 17 inch Hyundai Wheels
Modified Maruti Brezza 2023!

Rohit Mehta of Sai Auto Accessories shared a video on Youtube where he showed us how the normal Brezza has been transformed into Grand Brezza, and moreover its fitted with similar-looking Hyundai’s 17-inch alloy wheels except the logo is replaced with Maruti’s.

Maruti Brezza Modified – What you need to know!

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza currently holds its position as India’s most popular sub-compact SUV, maintaining its dominance for an extended period with no contender to dethrone it. Many enthusiasts in the country are drawn to the base LXi variant, often opting to personalize and upgrade it to suit their preferences. Recently, a video showcasing a fully customized Maruti Suzuki Brezza surfaced online.

Rohit Mehta of Sai Auto Accessories shared this modification video on their channel, introducing the transformed vehicle as the “Grand Brezza.” The “Grand” moniker takes inspiration from the Brezza’s larger sibling in the lineup, the Grand Vitara. The presenter highlights several notable changes, starting with a new set of 17-inch alloy wheels and fresh tires, reminiscent of the Kia Seltos and Hyundai Alcazar’s alloy designs. Notably, they offer a buyback program for the old steel wheels and tires, effectively discounting the cost of the upgraded larger alloy wheels and tires.

Moving to the front, the SUV gains muscular elements on the bumper and LED strips above the headlights for a DRL-like appearance. At the rear, a new diffuser with four faux chrome exhaust tips enhances the SUV’s aesthetic appeal. Inside, the SUV boasts a dual-tone white and black interior scheme, including white seat covers and wrapped door panels. Notably, a genuine Maruti Suzuki Brezza central armrest has been added, along with an updated hypersonic touchscreen Android infotainment system. The audio system has been upgraded with a Harmon Infinity Mini BassLink 100 RMS woofer, a set of four speakers, and tweeters.

Additional enhancements include new LED headlight and fog lamp bulbs, added sound-dampening material on door panels, and a fully functional new steering wheel with infotainment controls.

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