Not any Other Vehicle, But a Train Got Stuck in Traffic!

Traffic Incident in Varanasi!

Another day another road incident! This time we’ve got a viral video going around the internet showcasing how the train is stuck in traffic chaos, and despite sounding horn repeatedly, no one is bothered by it at all.

Train Stuck in Traffic – What Happened?

In a recent incident, a train finds itself caught stuck in traffic in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. India’s roads have a reputation for hosting some of the most unconventional occurrences globally. Anticipating what awaits around the corner can be quite a challenge. This is why navigating the roads in India poses significant difficulty. Despite the existence of rules and regulations, not everyone in India likes to follow them, particularly concerning are the situations outside major metropolitan areas, which is an example for this case. Let’s delve into the circumstances behind this train being stuck in traffic.

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The source of this video clip is thetatvaindia on Instagram. The video captures a traffic constable trying his best to manage this vehicular chaos. Amidst this chaos, a train is seen waiting for the traffic congestion to subside. Given India’s expansive network of roads and railways, there are numerous unmanned railway crossings. At such junctions, people tend to act as they wish, culminating in scenarios like this traffic jam. People are reluctant to pause and allow the train to pass, thus leading to its standstill.

The train operator is sounding the horn to signal its intent to proceed. However, the people are not bothered by it at all. The traffic constable struggles to free the traffic, his efforts evident as he grapples with the situation. One can’t help but sympathize with him. The locals are making the worst situation more worst by not following the traffic regulations and protocols. This contributes to occurrences like the one at hand, which, notably, aren’t isolated incidents. Similar situations arise regularly.

Train Stuck in Traffic – What can we do?

It’s high time that we begin taking traffic regulations seriously. Every year, thousands of lives are lost in road accidents. Over-speeding and non-compliance with traffic rules are common culprits. Encouraging strict adherence to regulations across all scenarios is essential to making our roads safer. Also, if you encounter someone violating rules, it’s crucial to report them to authorities to ensure appropriate action is taken against them.

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