Tata Tiago Owner faces Major Issues; Visited Service Center 80 Times in One Year!

This Tata Tiago owner has been suffering with major issues in his car and had to visit the service center 80 times in a year to find what the actual problem is, but they’re still yet to figure that out!

Tata Tiago Car Issues – What Happened?

In a rather surprising turn of events, an owner of a Tata Tiago has come forward, alleging multiple issues with his hatchback. The Tata Tiago is a well-regarded vehicle in Tata’s lineup, known for its impressive 4-star safety rating from the Global NCAP, attractive design, good ride quality, and a range of engine options to suit various car buyers. However, like most mass-produced cars, occasional issues can arise, and this particular owner claims to be experiencing some unusually troublesome problems. Let’s dive into the specifics of this unique case.

The post was share by the Instagram user, ashishshokeen9 with a caption that reads, “Khud Tata ki car lo pahle TATA FANBOIS. This Tata Tiago i-CNG is just 1 year old and facing lot of issues which are not resolved by Tata Service Center and we’ve to visit them regularly.” The owner highlights one particular problem – the car’s radiator fan continues to run long after the vehicle has been turned off. He even shows us by holding the car key in his hands while the vehicle is off, yet the radiator fan remains on. Furthermore, there are electrical issues, including a malfunctioning AC.

Various electronic components such as the parking lights, center console illumination, and power socket are non-functional. The owner insists that the battery is not the culprit, as it was recently replaced by Tata Motors themselves. This situation is undeniably intriguing, given the multitude of problems that have risen in just one year of ownership. The owner claims to have visited the service center 80 times in a year, and while the exact count may be debatable, his frustration is understandable. It’s understandable that anyone in this situation would be deeply annoyed and disappointed by the necessity of spending so much time addressing issues in a supposedly brand-new car. What’s more frustrating is that there is no solution to these major issues faced by the Tiago owner.

While we don’t what exactly happened at the service center and why they’re not able to fix this issue, it’s better not to comment on this until their side of story is out. We can only request Tata Motors to look into this matter, and provide him an resolution as early as possible.

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